Five companies approved for START-UP NY through UB

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Five companies have been approved for START-UP NY through their affiliation with the University at Buffalo.

The companies, which will startup or expand on or near UB’s campuses, expect to create 245 jobs and invest $4,875,000 in the Buffalo Niagara Region within five years.

Each company has ties to the university’s academic and research strengths, will collaborate with UB faculty researchers and offer internships, scholarships or jobs to students.

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The World’s First Energy T


Jim Kupczyk, one of Buffalo’s certified energy medicine practitioners, has come up with an unusual healing product that he feels will change the way people heal. It’s a chi energy infused t-shirt that balances the energies in the body, resulting in emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

I sat down to talk to Jim about this wild spiritual creation and he was more than excited to discuss the concept. “I treat 100% of the people I talk to as skeptics. Until I went through the certification process I was sort of a skeptic too. Believing helps… to be open to this type of healing is important.

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Everything is Energy: Just Ask Jim


Jim Kupczyk considers himself to be a lifelong student of energy medicine. His fascination for the power of energy has grown over the years and blossomed into an enchanting form of healing people, and sports enthusiast all over the world partake in it.

Since an early age Jim has been a strong believer in the human body’s ability to heal itself. Born and raised in Buffalo, Jim attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Since college, Jim worked in most facets of supply chain management and is currently the senior logistics analyst for the world headquarters of Rich Products Corporation. It wasn’t until four years ago that he set his belief in healing into motion.

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Healing Energy Therapies


The nature of health care is changing dramatically, with ever-greater numbers of us seeking alternatives to conventional doctor-, hospital-, and treatment-centered Western medicine. Many of these alternatives, including acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, and yoga and meditation, are well known and widely accepted. Others, though they may have long histories in Eastern cultures and, many believe, solid grounding in science, are only beginning to achieve wider acceptance in the West.

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Buffalo-based startup building marketplace for “mindful” audience


A Buffalo-based technology startup is seeking to build a marketplace focused on the “mindful movement,” with an eye on the model that made Etsy a nearly $2 billion company.

Bodhi Seven Corp., founded in 2013 by Jim Kupczyk, will seek to connect buyers and sellers of both products and services associated with integrative medicine, Yoga, meditation and general well-being.

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